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Introduction to C Programming

Duration: 4 days


Software engineers, programmers, and analysts who will be designing and creating programs using C. Anyone desiring the ability to read and understand C programs for maintenance and update purposes.

Course Contents

  1. Why Choose C as an Application Language?

  2. Your First C Program -- Hello World

  3. Data Types and Structures

  4. The C Preprocessor

  5. Functions

  6. Looping and Control Flow

  7. Scope and Visibility

  8. Arrays and Pointers

  9. Simple File I/O

  10. Commonly Used Data Structures and Algorithms

  11. The Environment in Which the Application Will Run

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Instructional Technique

Students are invited to bring their current ideas and questions to the classroom for discussion. Students will be encouraged to enhance their skills utilizing the techniques presented in lecture through classroom problem solving and controlled online workshops. This course is approximately 50% labwork.